The Promise.

published by C Wright Mills
is probably the mostfamous essay ever written by a modern sociologist In this article

Mills cap tures


Views 5986 “The sociological Imagination is defined as the ability to understand the one’s own issues are not ca

C Wright Mills a brief biographical sketch C Wright Mills was born in Waco
Texas on th.

1916 His father was an insurance agent originally from Florida

his mother Frances Wright

C Wright Mills was one of the most important critics of Talcott Parsons who succeeded in establishing the image of Pars

as passed on in sociological textbooks. In this essay.

it is argued that Mills ’ “translation of Parsons into English” is a one sided .

According to Mills.

the sociological imagination is more than just a theoretical concept or heuristic device it is a “ promise. ” The promise of the sociological imagination is to allow individuals to understand their place in the broader social and historical context..

The Sociological Imagination is C Wright Mills ’ statement about what social science should be and the good it can pr

it is a polemical book. It has a vision for sociology.

and it criticizes those with a different vision For Mills

the stakes are high. He thinks contemporary society is characterized by institutional .

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